Servers & Groups

Last updated by Adam West on August 02, 2017 12:18

You may want to group servers together when using Deploy. Should you wish to deploy a project to more than one server at a time, you can make a group.

This is done from the Servers and Groups page. When adding a new server, you have the option to choose a server group:

You can select a group from the Server Group dropdown. If you have not added a group already, or you wish to add an additional one, click Manage Server Groups:

You can add a new group by clicking New Server Group:

Choose a name for your group, and the branch you wish to deploy from. When you are finished, just click Create Server Group.

If you wish to edit a group at a later time, you can do this via the pencil icon next to the right of the group name in the Server Groups list:

You can change the name and branch from here, and choose if you want to use automatic deployment for that group.